new website + giveaway

Hello, Mrs. Lapham here! It has been almost 3 weeks since David and I have tied the knot. And I must say, it has been the best almost 3 weeks of my life. Our wedding day was more than I could have asked for (more details on that later) and marriage is such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it!

On a completely separate note, my new website is up and running! Coming along side it is a new blog. I started my old blog "inspired by lovely" on a whim. Little did I know, it would change the direction of my life and land me opportunities I never knew I was capable of achieving. I have been in need of a website to showcase my work for quite some time. I gain most of my clients through my blog, etsy and instagram. Giving my business an actual brand and website was a given if I wanted to take myself to the next level of success. Luckily for me I have a super supportive husband who pushes me daily in achieving my goals. I really do not know where I would be without his encouragement. And on top of that, he coded the entire site. That's my husband for ya! So ladies and gents, I proudly introduce you to the new Juliet Grace website.

In honor of my new site and blog, I am giving away the Fresh Herbs poster chart from my etsy store.

Hand painted custom herb chart poster

Here's the details on entering - all you have to do is like the new Juliet Grace facebook page OR celebrate with me by tweeting/or posting on facebook about the giveaway with a link to the entry. Double your chances if you do both :) Then comment here letting me know how many entries I should count you in for. Winner will be announced in one week!

give away form hand painted custom caligraphy

xo, Juliet Lapham

wedding vows in print form.

Hello loves!
Hope everyones week was wonderful. I have my final bridal shower tomorrow, and I am so excited about it! It is so fun to be a bride, I must say. :) In just a few weeks, I will be walking down the aisle to my beloved and promising to be with him until death do us part.  In honor of that, I am now offering a traditional vow prints in my shop.
custom calligraphy wedding vow print

new beginnings are on the rise.

I am so excited for this next chapter of life. I just moved into my new florida apartment, which will eventually be both David and I's first home. It is a little lonely here now, living by myself and all.. but in exactly 30 days - that will no longer be the case. I am really using this time to prepare myself for taking on the role of a wife. I am diving into marriage books as much as I can. But I am reminded often, that the Bible is the best marriage book known to man. You can learn exactly the kind of husband or wife God intended us to be by reading the word. During our premarital counseling, we went over the love chapter. I am trying my hardest to have it engraved in my mind forever, so I can always go back to it when I am in my moment of weakness.
I have written out this chapter several times so I wont forget. I plan on having it hanging in our apartment as a daily reminder.
Click here to download this print for free.
On another note, I am really gaining much more vision for myself and my business. I will be having a new brand and website launching next month. It has been a long time coming! My blog will also being changing quite a bit, with a new name and look. Get ready!
juliet jones


mother's day printable.

Happy mother's day week!
Now that I think of it, mother's day should be "mother's week" instead. Even that wouldn't be enough to celebrate all that moms are. I am so thankful for my mom! So much of who I am today comes from my amazing mama. :) Sad I can't be with her this mothers day, but I am certainly there in spirit!
To celebrate mothers day, here's a sweet, but simple mothers day printable card.