Happy 2014!

I can not believe how fast 2013 went by. In one year - I got engaged, became a "mrs", moved to florida, and turned my passions into a full time career. It has been by far my greatest year yet. I was thinking yesterday about how I really have never been happier in my life. I feel so content where God has me right now. I think it is easy to always look forward to the next thing in life. Never fully being satisfied with what you have or what season of life you are in. In 2014, I want to make sure I savor every moment of my newlywed life and be content and thankful for what I have. Yes, we live in a small apartment and share one 13 year old (but paid off!) volkswagen. But we are still SO happy. We are blessed. Join with me in 2014 to be more content, happy and thankful for the blessings we are given everyday.

Since i have been pretty MIA lately, here's a few photos of work and recent happenings according to instagram.



we have a winner, folks!

Wow, can not thank you all enough for all the support in this last week! The facebook likes, the sweet comments about the website and spreading the word - it all makes me feel so loved and encouraged.

Also, time to announce the winner of the Fresh Herbs poster chart from my shop.


Yay Jessica! I will be contacting you shortly.

As for the rest of you, thank you so much for entering! Have a happy weekend! My groom and I are off to Disney World tomorrow. Loving these perks of being a Floridian now.


the desire to be organized.

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I recently have had a major desire to get more organized. Now, I'm not as bad as some people, but definitely have some room to improve. I blame it on me being "the artist type". :) I've learned that an organized life is really a happy life. When everything has its place it is much easier for me to work and have a clear head. 

The same also goes for my day to day "to do list". Right now I am self employed, so I constantly feel like I have a huge list of things I need to accomplish, not knowing where to even start. I think with some simple planning and organization, it would take a huge load off my shoulders and help me produce work at my fullest potential. 

On that note, this free download from A Pair of Pears is simply wonderful. 

DIY fabric chandelier.

Okay, a little later than I planned, but heres that fabric chandelier tutorial I promised. 

What you'll need : 
- embroidery hoops - one big, one small
- fabric cut into strips (I used different sorts of white/lacey fabrics)
- embroidery thread (twine or yarn might work too) 
 - hot glue gun. 

step 1 - Paint embroidery hoops white or whatever main color your chandelier is. 
step 2 - Okay, this parts a bit tricky -- but definitely doable. Divide the embroidery hoops into three equal sections. Connect the two embroidery hoops using embroidery thread - leaving about 5-6 inches in-between the two. You might need a ruler or something to make it perfect and even. I, however, did not. Which is why mine is slightly uneven. oh well! you win some you lose some. 
step 3 - Hot glue the strips of fabric all the way around the top embroidery hoop.
step 4 - Creating a slight curve in the top half of your fabric, glue the backside of each piece onto smaller embroidery hoop. 
step 5 - Similar to step 3, glue strips of fabric on top of existing fabric -- this time leaving them hang as they are without gluing them to the smaller hoop. (I used a very sheer fabric for my outside layer, but that was just according to my taste)

I did not get to do this, but you can wire a light into it to make it illuminate and shine. Or it can hang as is! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful tuesday!

xo, juliet

a valentines lunch.

Heres a little valentines inspiration from me to you. With some simple crafting, bargain hunting and a touch of creativity - I think you can make any setting fun and your own. 

What I did and where I found my finds :

cake toppers - dollar tree
straws - target
doilies - dollar tree
chargers - michaels arts and crafts
mason jars spray painted with gold spray paint 
handmade paper flowers following this tutorial
table runner - postage wrapping paper from dollar tree
Fabric chandelier - handmade - DIY tutorial coming later this week! 

Happy valentines day! 

xo, juliet