we're expecting!

So, it has been awhile since i've blogged. Work feels like it has been never ending lately, which is awesome - ain't complaining! But, blogging has taken a back seat for awhile. BUT.. I have some news that is totally worth breaking this blogging break. The day after our 1st anniversary, we found out that we are expecting! David and I are so excited to become parents to this little one inside of me. We feel so blessed to even have this opportunity and can't wait to see what God has in store. We also just recently found out we are having a little boy. :) Well, David found out -  it was just confirmation for me. :)  The week before we found out we were expecting, I had a dream that I was pregnant with a little boy. So, ever since then - I just knew it was from God and that He was blessing us with a baby boy. We are due April 8th - which seems so far away but I know this whole pregnancy will fly by!

Can't wait to meet you, baby Lapham!



Happy 2014!

I can not believe how fast 2013 went by. In one year - I got engaged, became a "mrs", moved to florida, and turned my passions into a full time career. It has been by far my greatest year yet. I was thinking yesterday about how I really have never been happier in my life. I feel so content where God has me right now. I think it is easy to always look forward to the next thing in life. Never fully being satisfied with what you have or what season of life you are in. In 2014, I want to make sure I savor every moment of my newlywed life and be content and thankful for what I have. Yes, we live in a small apartment and share one 13 year old (but paid off!) volkswagen. But we are still SO happy. We are blessed. Join with me in 2014 to be more content, happy and thankful for the blessings we are given everyday.

Since i have been pretty MIA lately, here's a few photos of work and recent happenings according to instagram.



Wedding Recap

August 10th was by far a greater day than I could have ever imagined.

2 weeks before our wedding, we changed our venue. I know, I know - we are crazy. But let me explain. Our wedding was planned to be outside at a family friends farm. Our only backup plan for rain was a tent. It was going to be really expensive, and pretty much would change everything I had envisioned. This summer has been one of the rainiest it has ever been in North Carolina. So, as last minute and crazy as my family is - exactly 2 weeks before the big day, we switched to a venue that had an indoor option if it rained. This meant I was pretty much starting over again in the wedding planning process. So, even though we were engaged for 6 months - I felt like I had 2 weeks to plan a wedding. It was a pretty crazy 2 weeks, but we pulled it off!

The entire wedding weekend was such a treat. It was the first time David and I's entire families were together at once. A lot of our guests and friends travelled into town from out of state. So the entire weekend, we really felt so loved and blessed that people would come so far to support us.

The morning of August 10th arrived. My family was lucky enough to stay at the guest house on the property where we were getting married. I spent my morning sitting on the front porch, sipping on coffee and talking to God. I was so glad to have that time of peace before the chaos began. I felt really good the morning of and gave God full control of the day ahead of me. There was talk of possible rain that day, but we still aimed to have the ceremony outside. About 30 minutes before the ceremony, we learned it would definitely rain, but possibly only a drizzle. We decided to still do it outside with umbrellas in hand. Right before the ceremony began, I heard a loud rumble and a few lighting strikes. Clearly, we were not going to have the ceremony outside. They quickly rushed me to a gator cart, where 4 groomsmen covered me with umbrellas as we drove (about 90mph up a hill to the barn). At this moment, with the rain splashing in my face and getting whiplash - I felt more alive and excited about getting married than any other time. I did not care that my curls had fallen and my makeup washed off, or the fact that my cute outdoor ceremony was no longer existent. I was on my way to marry my groom and I couldn't feel happier! I knew God had my day planned for me so I decided I would not waste my time worrying about the rain. Our ceremony was far better than I could have imagined. It felt so much more intimate and romantic inside. In a cozy wooded room, in front of a fireplace while it rained outside - David and I said our vows and became husband and wife. I would not have wanted it any other way.

Here are a few moments captured of our special day.


blogwedding7 copy


blogwedding6 copy






a few facts about our wedding:

1. we won our photographer off a wedding blog! She was so incredible to work with and was such a blessing to us. Plus, she is from sweden. Which gave our day a cool european feel ;)

2. David's dad officiated our ceremony. It was such an honor to have the man closest to David pronounce us husband and wife.

3. Laura helm of Ashton Events flew up the weekend of to help us with the wedding. We really do not know what we would have done without her. She is an amazing planner and helped organize the wedding I so unorganizedly threw together :)

4. All of our music from our ceremony was from the movie, Father of the Bride. It was my favorite movie growing up and is still to this day.

Thanks to Southern Weddings for featuring our wedding today!

All photographs by Alicia Swedenborg

xo, Juliet


engagement story.

Ok, the engagement story. I think I've told this story about a thousand times at this point. To my friends, family, strangers, dentists, waitresses..just about everyone. And it never gets old to me!

It was a perfect way for David to ask me to marry him.

Ok, fast forward the last week of January. My mom and I planned on driving down to Florida for some family and friend (and of course David) visits. On our way down, I receive a text from my wedding planner friend, Laura. She desperately needs someone to lend her a few extra hands at her inspiration shoot on Friday. Her sister-in-law cancelled on her and she could really use me for a couple hours. It worked out to be a time when David was working and I had no plans set for that day, so I agreed.

Throughout the week, Laura and I texted about meeting up and all the details on the shoot. She even sent me the "itinerary" that she emailed to all of the vendors contributing to the shoot. I mean, this thing was legit. On Friday, I arrive at the most beautiful ranch where Laura and the vintage rental gal, Lisa, were already setting up. It was beautiful! A handmade sailboat, a sweetheart table set for 2, all of my favorite flowers.. I mean, it was gorgeous! I did small things like, attach "Mr." and "Mrs." signs to the back of the chairs and chewed gum to stick under candle sticks so they wouldn't fall over. (you know, the real hard stuff). Photographers and videographers arrived and started doing their thing. I was told the models would be arriving shortly, so we had to speed things up. Then Laura sent Lisa and I out to the store to grab some ice for the ice bucket.

When we returned I walked the ice over to Laura, and she asked me to grab the lighter off the sweetheart table. So I walk on over to the sweetheart table where videographers and photographers were filming. I contemplate how to get to the lighter without getting in their shot. (Little did I know, they were filming me!) And low and behold, on the table setting is a note addressed to me in David's handwriting. I started to read this really sweet note with a final sentence leading me to look up for my man. And out pop's David, snapping a photo of me. He proceeds to tell me how much he loves me and then get's down on one knee and asks me to be his wife.

It was such an incredible moment - I will never forget it. We got to enjoy the sweetheart table filled with cheesecake and sparkling white grape juice to celebrate. I soon realized the "Mr." and "Mrs." signs I attached to the chairs earlier were switched out to "Mr. David Lapham" and "Mrs. Juliet Lapham". Those sweet details make my heart leap.

I am so blessed to call David my fiancé and soon to be husband. He worked really hard with Laura, and all of the other vendors involved to make sure I was so surprised by his proposal. God has blessed me with a man made just for me and I am so thankful to be the future Mrs. David Richard Lapham.

I said yes!

Well, it's official. I'm engaged to my very best friend and I really couldn't be happier! 
I'm taking it all in while I can, because I know this "engagement" season of our lives will flash before my eyes. We have no plans set yet, and while a part of me finds that a bit stressful - I'm just resting in the fact that no matter what, I'm marrying the man I love! I feel so blessed to call David mine. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve him! God is good! 

We both have been so overwhelmed with love from family and friends the past week! We feel so special. So thanks to anyone who's texted, called, commented, etc. They all mean to much!

More to come on the proposal. :)

a future Lapham