easter baskets.

Alright guys, Easter is coming up next week! and I couldn't be more thrilled. First and foremost, it's a day of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's also filled with fun traditions like dying eggs, easter egg hunts, an excuse to get a new dress and of course - easter baskets! My mom is always a genius when it comes to Easter baskets. She always finds the cutest things to personalize my me and my sister's baskets. Even at 23, I still absolutely love getting one, as well as making one for some one else.
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Well today has been pretty blah. I woke up this morning feeling terribly sick. I've been in pjs all day long accompanied by hot tea, cough drops, a blanket and my favorite chick flicks. Besides being sick, I have some exciting things happening as of lately - including an etsy store in the works! Which will most likely be paper goods and such. I will be keeping you all posted!So to make me feel better today I thought I'd share some great ideas I've stumbled upon recently. Ideas I will perhaps work on once I'm feeling a little better. :)



what a great idea to keep track of your travels! im in need of this. 


i think im definitely going to be doing this! 

love this!

now heres what i can do with all those iphone photos of mine. :)