Happy 2014!

I can not believe how fast 2013 went by. In one year - I got engaged, became a "mrs", moved to florida, and turned my passions into a full time career. It has been by far my greatest year yet. I was thinking yesterday about how I really have never been happier in my life. I feel so content where God has me right now. I think it is easy to always look forward to the next thing in life. Never fully being satisfied with what you have or what season of life you are in. In 2014, I want to make sure I savor every moment of my newlywed life and be content and thankful for what I have. Yes, we live in a small apartment and share one 13 year old (but paid off!) volkswagen. But we are still SO happy. We are blessed. Join with me in 2014 to be more content, happy and thankful for the blessings we are given everyday.

Since i have been pretty MIA lately, here's a few photos of work and recent happenings according to instagram.