my best friends wedding.

Wow! I have abandoned my little blog as of recent and I am ever so sorry! The past few weeks have been filled with so many adventures and road trips - it's been so overwhelmingly amazing. Last weekend, Dave and I visited his aunt in Cheboygan, we spent some time with Dave's sister and nieces who came for a visit and then recently arrived in North Carolina for back to back weddings. One of those being my very best friend's wedding.
Her wedding was intimate, emotional and loads of fun. She has found the man who fits her like a glove and I am so happy for her. We have been the best of friends for 11 years now. We are different in many ways, but alike in so many others. She understands me like no one else and I am so thankful I was honored enough to be apart of her special day. Having been adopted from Taiwan, I secretly know God brought her to America just to add to my life. I just know. :) 
Here are a few snaps of her day - taken by my man.