Wow! I feel like its been forever since my last blog post. probably the longest i've ever went anyways.  Blogging comes to mind often, but I'm finding it difficult to just sit down and blog lately. Especially the past few weeks. My new job is keeping me busy, as well as some freelance work on the side. Not to mention my parents came for a visit this week! It has been just wonderful. Speaking of work, my new job is literally a dream! I work for a very creative, passionate entrepreneur who recently opened a studio filled with antiques, furniture and all sorts of goodies she creates, refurbishes and dreams up. I help with store displays, treasure hunting, creative input and art work throughout the store. Eventually working in the repurposing myself, but first i've got some learning to do!  This past weekend we went picking at some local flea markets, junk dealers and auctions. Here's a little peek of what one of my days on the job is like, if you can even call it that! plus a few of my favorite pieces in the store.

xo, juliet