military ball.

Dave and I were talking today about how we feel like the past week has been non-stop. I feel like once one task is done, it's on to the next. But let alone, my first week in Michigan has been great. I love my new job and am loving spending quality time with Dave and his family. 

Last night, we went to the annual JROTC military ball here in Michigan. Dave's dad is the head of the program so we all went to support. It was so fun getting all dressed up and just having a fun evening! Before knowing Dave, I knew very little about military related things. Dave was in the army national guard for 6 years, his dad is a retired colonel and his brother is law is an army helicopter pilot. So yeah, I am learning A LOT. I find myself asking, "What does that mean? Who does that? I don't understand.." many times during military talks and whatnot. But I am slowly getting it. Either way, I have a new found appreciation for military and am thankful for all that they do!