Etsy shop + new blog look.

Hi pretties! 
If you haven't notices I have a new blog look. I do love my old one, but it was time for a change! Thanks to my amazing (and crazy talented) boyfriend for helping me with all the coding and such - in which I really have no clue about. I really lucked out with that one! 

On top of a new blog look, I would like to officially announce that my etsy store is now open! Right now I am selling prints of my art. But am hoping to soon expand to other things. Hopefully it'll be more sooner than later. I have some ideas I can't wait to bring to life in the next couple months. On that note, is there anything you guys would like to see in my shop? Please let me know if so! I am totally up for a challenge and new ideas. 

              ( Larger sizes available upon request! )

Also, If you are interested in any custom verses or quotes, please email me. I've done a lot of custom scripture and quotes for people lately, and its really been fun! I would love to do more! 

xo, juliet