my valentine.

I sure hope everyone had an amazing valentines - whether your dating, married or single. Its just a fun day to celebrate the ones you love! Today I just HAD to share what my sweet valentine did for me. It was definitely blog worthy and it couldn't have been more surprised.

So, all I knew is that we were going out - didn't know where to or what we were doing. The previous day Dave was working hard in his grandpa's basement doing who knows what for me for valentines. Just as we were about to walk out to door, Dave said "oh! I totally forgot about what I got you in the basement." So, he made me close my eyes and led me to a beautiful "dave-made" fort with dinner inside for two. I had no idea we'd be spending valentines in the basement - which turned out to be ten times more amazing than any fancy restaurant I could imagine. After we had our dinner, we flipped the fort into a comfy movie watching space and watched Roman Holiday. 
perfect valentines date, indeed.