DIY fabric chandelier.

Okay, a little later than I planned, but heres that fabric chandelier tutorial I promised. 

What you'll need : 
- embroidery hoops - one big, one small
- fabric cut into strips (I used different sorts of white/lacey fabrics)
- embroidery thread (twine or yarn might work too) 
 - hot glue gun. 

step 1 - Paint embroidery hoops white or whatever main color your chandelier is. 
step 2 - Okay, this parts a bit tricky -- but definitely doable. Divide the embroidery hoops into three equal sections. Connect the two embroidery hoops using embroidery thread - leaving about 5-6 inches in-between the two. You might need a ruler or something to make it perfect and even. I, however, did not. Which is why mine is slightly uneven. oh well! you win some you lose some. 
step 3 - Hot glue the strips of fabric all the way around the top embroidery hoop.
step 4 - Creating a slight curve in the top half of your fabric, glue the backside of each piece onto smaller embroidery hoop. 
step 5 - Similar to step 3, glue strips of fabric on top of existing fabric -- this time leaving them hang as they are without gluing them to the smaller hoop. (I used a very sheer fabric for my outside layer, but that was just according to my taste)

I did not get to do this, but you can wire a light into it to make it illuminate and shine. Or it can hang as is! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful tuesday!

xo, juliet