porch love.

I've kind of been swooning over houses lately. Like, non stop. I even subscribed to two home magazines - 1. Because I love getting mail and 2. Because I will just end up buying these magazines and its about ten times cheaper just to subscribe. So my reasonings are good enough for me! One thing I just love in a good house is a nice big porch. My house now (well, parents house) has a great wrap around porch. I absolutely love it. One day, hopefully sooner than later - I will have a lovely house with a great big porch to make beautiful. I'm all about taking advantage of a big outside area and making it feel like an outdoor room. These have been my inspiration images as of lately.
five. (source unknown)
Well theres some porches to lust after for the rest of the week.
Hope everyones had a happy Wednesday!
xo, juliet