Its fall, guys.

sources : one . two . three . four . five (unknown - but I do know that is Olivia palermo from the city - she might not be nice on the show, but she makes up for it with her pretty amazing style.)

Heres some of my current style inspiration for the upcoming season. Im not sure if its "officially" fall quite yet, but it sure is feeling like it. North Carolinas weather is just about perfect right now. Plus, I can slowly but surely see the leaves changing colors. It is just perfect. 

Also, be on the lookout for some new changes to the blog. I kinda get bored with things fast so Im ready for a new look. I think it just gives me an excuse to turn on my creativity button and do what I love most.   Im currently in the brainstorming stage. So hopefully soon enough my blog will look brand new! 

xo, juliet