twenty three.

Today (well sorta today, its passed midnight at this point - but who's counting?) I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Im not a huge fan of turning 23. It seems old to me. Although, I know its not at all. For some reason odd birthdays just are no fun to me. 22 is fun - and I think i'll like 24. But all the odd years to come just seem plain old boring. I know this is a silly thought, but i just had to say it. :)
Aside from this being an "odd" birthday year, I really am excited about this next year of my life. 22 was a hard year for me. But at the same time, a great one! I grew up a lot in 22. Had to deal with things I never thought i'd deal with. Despite 23 sounding not so fun to me, I think God has big things planned for me this year. I'm excited to be in the place I am at in life right now. I feel something big coming around the corner for me. All I have to do is be patient, trust in the Lord and give life my all.
So cheers to a new year and new beginnings!
xo, juliet
p.s. Heres my birthday cake, along with my birthday cake topper. Yep, I made my own topper - so what?!