recent work - pilgrims blog.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with a sweet blog follower of mine, Paige, in creating her blog header, blog button, etsy logo and photography logo. Paige had an amazing vision and I'm so happy I could help her in having it come to life! 

Mosey on over to both Paige's blog and etsy. She makes the most beautiful bags! (featured below)

Besides that, things have been pretty hectic around here. Which is one reason I havn't been able to blog as much recently. Promise that will all change soon! One crazy thing (which is old news now) is that we had an earthquake yesterday. We felt it here in North Carolina. I realized my entire house was shaking at one point - my first thought was a helicopter was landing on my house (don't ask why that was my first thought), then I looked outside to see the UPS guy pulling into my driveway. I thought, "surely the UPS truck isn't making my house rumble". Right away, thanks to twitter and Facebook - I learned that everyone else felt the shake. It was quite the scary, yet thrilling experience. I'm happy America is safe and we made it through. I am also kinda happy I felt it, because I know if I didn't - I would have felt so left out! :)

Oh yes, and I still am promising that DIY post. Perhaps later today or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have on my hands this afternoon. 

xo, juliet