Update : im alive!

Goodness, I started this blog hoping to make posts every week and i'm already failing a that! But I do have quite a good excuse... in the past 2 weeks or so, I have been in about 8 states total. So I have had no time for this poor little blog! So please forgive me.

And just because all posts (even the little short update posts) are better with pictures... heres one of me  in the airport a week or so ago. Okay, its not a big deal to most, but I totally saw Catelynn and Tyler from  the mtv show, teen mom. Its pretty funny, because i have this thing where i'm known for finding famous people. I'm not really sure how I do it, but its kind of turned into a tradition now. Everywhere I go, Im always sorta on the "hunt". Although most would disagree would me and say a couple that was on "teen mom" isn't too famous. But let me tell you, this couple is seriously awesome! I loved watching them on the show, and admired their strength when they gave up their little girl to adoption.

Also, this past weekend I shot my first wedding of the summer in Maryland. It was definitely one of my favorite weddings yet. So many lovely details, and the bride and groom are just the cutest.  Here a little preview.