Hello blog world.

I've been dreaming up a blog to start for awhile now, but somehow found every excuse not to. Not knowing where to start, what to say, or how to to go about it - intimidated me. Blogs also kind of remind me of public speaking, which I am no fan of. (I know thats a silly reason, but hey - just being honest) & on top of that, I am inspired by so many different things I had no idea what to make it even "about". Then one day it hit me - not to care and to just do it. And who says a blog has to fall into one certain category? Therefore, i'm making my own rules and this blog is in it's own category - the crafty-wedding-home-food-thoughts-love-life-fashion-pretty-blog kinda category. got that? great. So cheers to a new blog and new beginnings!

xo, juliet

{a photo taken from a trip this past January in Christchurch, New Zealand}